Inside the Robot Abuse Scandal – Deeaanderson Leads the Way

Deeaanderson is a well known figure on the Internet. She runs Livejasmin, a social networking site where people can meet and interact. The first time I came across this site I was very impressed with the design, layout and everything it had to offer. It took some getting used to but soon I was hooked. I joined the free trial account and have been using it ever since.

Livejasmin is similar to Facebook and Twitter in that you are allowed to create a page, join the community, add friends etc. I joined the site, not just to socialize but also to get some valuable information. I like to use Internet marketing and make money online so I decided to create a profile for my business. I was quite happy with the interface and decided to just leave it the way it was. However one day I received an email from Livejasmin about joining a free email list.

So I logged into my account and saw that they had given me a free email address and password. I clicked the link and soon found myself in my junk box. Then I saw a message asking me to sign up for their free newsletter. So I did. What I got was a nice list of leads to follow, all with the same email address.

Deea became very suspicious when she saw that I had not signed out from the first email account I opened. I told her that I had not signed up for anything but the free newsletter. She then asked me why I did not sign up. I told her I just deleted the email and did not remember ever having signed up for anything. She was very curious so she started checking the records. It turned out that this person had created several accounts with various email service providers.

This was obviously very suspicious to Deeaanderson. She looked all over the internet to see if she could find out more about this guy. Eventually she found a story on MSN about a man who had been charged with molestation of his stepdaughter. The story reported that he had used his social security number to register at an email address.

He had also used the email to order gifts for her. This was all she needed to do in order to get a hold of him and to catch him in the act. This man was charged with molestation and served time in jail. Deeaanderson obtained the email passwords to all of his accounts and confronted him at his jail cell.