Sasha Palowski’s First Book Of History

Sasha Palokka: The Making of an American Indian History book Review is written by journalist, anthropologist, professor and consultant, Mark Twain. He is best known for his penning such books as «Ladies of Leisure» and «The Greaticide». This is the second volume of his biography of Natasha P. Palokka.

In this book, Twain takes us on a journey of the history of American Indians. He tells us about their lifestyle, their culture, their beliefs, and their tragic history of murder, forced removal and slavery. The book starts out as a simple account of how a young woman from Nebraska who was half Lakota, was sold into slavery in Missouri. The story is told through the perspective of the white man, but as the story unfolds it becomes clear that Sasha’s story is also a part of American Indian history.

Twain writes in very clear and concise writing style. This book has many good and not so good points. Some people may find some of the accounts unbelievable. However, most people will be impressed with how vividly the author tells the story of the many battles and events he describes. The author did a very good job of creating a detailed yet easy to read account.

The author left a lot out when it came to the characters of the tribes. However, most will probably agree that most tribesmen were not very sympathetic towards white men, so many of them were happy to kill white men, even if they had to kill a black man. The author did not deal fully with the issue of slavery in the North. There were, however, several slaves owned by the tribes. It just took a very long time for them to free all of them.

Most of the book was written about Montana. The author did not spend enough time writing about other areas such as Dakota or Oregon. Montana has been portrayed very unfairly in the popular media. The reality is that there were no slave trade issues in Montana during the time period of the book. The author, who does a Master’s degree in history at the University of Utah, could have avoided this mistake if she had spent more time researching the history of Montana.

The most entertaining part of the book was the author interviewing many historical figures. It was a great way to get some first hand accounts from some of our greatest leaders and influential individuals of our time. The writing style is clear and there are several illustrations that will help the reader see the beauty of the Montana countryside. This is an easy read, that would be a great addition to any library. Everyone should buy this book and give it a read.