Scarlet And Tom Go Hawaiian On A Video

ScarlettAndTom has put up a very nice instructional video on how to perform the new masturbation technique known as ‘Camsoda’. This is a long form masturbation technique where you do not go completely nude but just expose a very sensual part of your body. The video is directed by Christian Audigier who also did the video featuring Danzele on S&M. Camsoda is a highly erotic form of masturbation that leaves no doubt that your significant other will be craving you for a long time to come. Watch as the two combine in a steamy S&M threesome and leave her moaning in ecstasy!

The video starts off with Camsoda in a corner of a living room, naked except for her white lace thong. Her knees are crossed as she uses both hands to rub her clitoris in slow, sensuous circles. The use of both hands creates a sensual & powerful effect that sets the mood for what is to come.

After Camsoda has a mind blowing orgasm, she lays back on the couch and begins rubbing her vagina while playing with her clitoris using one of her fingers. It is at this point that she starts using her hand job technique. You can tell she is enjoying this so much because she suddenly moans for more! You can also hear her take a deep breath as she massages her clit with her hand. A few minutes pass and she gets on all fours and moves in a crawling motion toward you. You can tell she is getting very aroused at the thought of you so you pick her up from the floor and position her on your knee as you continue your hand job on her vagina.

You are soon in the mood yourself so you make her lie on your bed while you use your other hand to massage her clitoris gently. You start off with light pressure and then increase it until she can’t take it anymore and starts screaming in orgasm. This would be your cue to get out the bottle of KY Jelly so you can make your own video!

After the two of you are done watching and making your own videos, you should compile them into a montage type of video. You should include some dialogue and other things that show you stimulating her in bed and what techniques you have used. Include some dirty talk too to turn her on even more!

For the best results, record the entire video in a soft tone so you can hear every sound. Use a microphone or video recorder, so you can get audio proof as proof. That way, if anyone asks where you made your video, they can tell you right away! Then they will want to see yours because they probably watched it and were impressed!