Alvaro Fizzle’s Recent Potty Bowl Tweet

After learning that Alvaro Fizzle is making a new, hot towel film called «Piss Bank,» many people are really excited to see what the «Piss Bank» star has in store for them in the coming months. However, most officials have been trying to get Alvaro on the phone to talk about his movie, but to no avail. At one point, someone even asked Alvaro if he was going to be on Dancing with the Stars. And Alvaro just laughed. Whoah.

«Piss Bank» star is an alcoholic and every time a new interview pops up, he goes on Twitter to post the latest scoop. Right now, he’s tweeting about how Celine Dion’s new album is called…Piss Bank. But most news outlets have disregarded this latest tweet by Alvaro and instead rush to write about how depressing it is that Alvaro lost his mom as a teenager. Alvaro then goes on to tweet that he wishes she had died in the car accident as the authorities had to drag her out of the vehicle. This tweet made international news because apparently people believe that Alvaro is bitter over losing his mom. It seems like Alvaro may have a problem with authority figures as he constantly gets into fights with security guards at airports.

Recently, Alvaro Fizzle made another tweet where he compared critics of The New York Times to drug dealers. He wrote, «The difference between critics and drug dealers? Opiate addicts. Everyone needs a wake up call. I’m tired of being judged & lectured by these so-called experts.

Only Fans, however, took offense to Alvaro’s comments. One Twitter user wrote, «So, you think those who criticize are the same as drug dealers? You are a disgusting human being, aren’t you? I hope you rot, wretch.» Another Twitter user stated, «Alvarez has lost all credibility, seems to be a little paranoid with his thoughts. Hopefully someone will make a report on Alvarez soon.»

Alvaro is not the only celebrity making controversial statements on Twitter. Other celebrities have created their own Twitter storms by posting messages about their personal lives. For instance, Rosie O’Donnell recently posted a tweet about her former boyfriend, Craig Rodricks, who is in jail after being charged with drug possession. O’Donnell described Rodricks as a «terrible» potty bowl cleaner.

Perhaps it is time for Alvaro Fizzle to step back from the public spotlight and get some help. Maybe he should start by getting some private counseling and just stick to using the potty bowl. Maybe there is a bigger problem.