Review Of The Meanest Girl By Proxy Nena

«Obediente Nena» is a romantic comedy directed by Lucio Franchotelli and is starring Dabney Coleman, Terri Dale Parks and Summer Redstone. The movie tells the story of Nena (Coleman), a beautiful blonde who is an aspiring singer. She lives in a small house with no furniture and a security guard dog. Her father, a not-so-talented actor, is constantly trying to get Nena’s attention but she shows no interest in pursuing any career paths available to her.

One day, Nena gets a call from her friend Victoria (Redstone). The two are to go on a wild night together, and Victoria wants Nena to look like a real woman while they are away. When Nena goes out to meet her friend, she meets Zulex (Coleman), a street hustler who ends up seducing her. Now, Nena must choose between getting herself into serious trouble or breaking up with Zulex. This movie depicts all the aspects of teen life, with some laughs thrown in.

Ms. Fieri plays the role of Nena the way you would expect a true diva to play. She knows how to put on a good show when someone else is in the spotlight, and that extends to performing for a live audience. Aside from the excellent acting, Ms. Fieri does a great job of bringing out the various emotions in Nena. In one scene, you can tell that Nena is hesitant about accepting the fact that Zulex is a hustler, but by the end of the episode, you can sense her excitement at the prospect of getting high with him.

The music in the movie is quite catchy, especially the first few minutes. It helps build the atmosphere of the movie because you can sense the emotions of everyone as they sing and dance. The music fits the character of each dancer perfectly. For example, in the beginning of the movie, you can hear Ms. Fieri’s character sing along to Baby Don’t Cry by The Beatles. It fits the character well since Fieri sings about a girl who wants to break free from her stifling social structure.

Despite being an animated movie, The Meanest Girl also features some solid acting. Each character has their own distinct personality that is shown through their dialogue and also through their wardrobe. Nena has this sweet, caring side, while Baby has this wild, rebellious attitude.

This movie is not only fun to watch, but it is also educational. It provides insights into how to deal with girl problems like jealousy and peer pressure. While the plot of the movie may be a bit too cute and girly for some, the story is still a great watch.