«Nahiak» Movie Review

A film that received only limited attention when it first came out, «Kira Nahiak» is actually a gem of a film. Starring in this film is the two time Golden Globe nominee, Ki Hong Lee. This film is based on a true story of the actress, who played a part in one of the most infamous kidnapping cases in history. I’ll give you some background to her role in this movie.

In the movie, Kim Nahiak (Ki Hong Lee) plays Lee, who travels back in time to find her best friend (acted by Dexter Irving) in prison. There, she meets former actress turned Senator JohnECTIVE (Philip Seymour Hoffman). He has been elected President of the country and has taken over the case of her friend’s daughter, Latifah. A war between the government and opposition forces break out in the streets of Washington D.C.

A shoot out takes place between the two groups, and JohnECTIVE are killed. However, just before he dies, Lee finds out that Latifah has been kidnapped by terrorists from Egypt. She tells her father about the whole situation, and John contacts FBI agent, Vince Faraday. The two go to Egypt to find out more information about the kidnapping, and they discover that the terrorists have channeled some very dangerous money through intermediaries…

The film is quite tense and fast paced, and the acting is great throughout. It is obvious that director Alex Gibney was trying to make a film that would have the same effect as his last film, «Pleasantville». Although it does not live up to those standards, «Nahiak» is an entertaining and thought provoking film. There are a few scenes that are brief, but they do add to the flow of the film and make the plot more interesting.

No film is without flaws, and «Nahiak» has its fair share. The most notable of these is probably the use of a computer generated image of John Doe as a man’s replacement. Although this part works well, many films use similar techniques, and it can be jarring when it comes into a scene that you have grown accustomed to. The other major flaw is probably Latifah’s character. Although she is a nice addition to the film, she is too perfect for an animated film.

Overall, «Nahiak» is an intriguing film. The plot is interesting, and the acting is great. However, some of the elements of the screenplay could use some work. This film might be better suited for a mature audience. It is not as funny as «The Informant» and «White Water,» but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun and entertaining film. Hopefully someone will take a look at this one soon.