Why Is Vanessa Senior So Successful?

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Vanessa Senior is a well respected senior comedian and writer. Her net worth comes from her numerous awards as a featured comedienne on both coasts. Her credits include «The Gold Club», «The Grinder» and «Raising Helen». Recently she was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role as a young American girl who is thrown into an Argentina prison. She often talks about her time in prison and what it was like living there. Her appearances are frequently advertised on media websites worldwide.

As an actor and actress Vanessa is famous for her wide variety of characters ranging from a sweet shop waitress to a foul mouth piece. No one could ever doubt her sincerity or her ability as a performer. Her roles range from those wholesome family types in «Happy Days» and «Grease» to the adult film star in «Blue Fever» to the spoiled blonde wannabe in «The Perfect Score» and «The Secret». The only role that she has not had success with is that of a love interest for senior citizens. That’s right, the comic artist failed every acting assignment she attempted and yet she still believes in her ability as a comedienne and actor.

Even if you discount her failed attempts at acting you can’t ignore her time on the big screen as a character in «Good Will Hunting» and «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind». This is another testament to her versatility as an actress. She was good at playing the part of a nice old lady with a heart of gold but it’s her off-screen efforts that really make you admire her. It is interesting that her first few films were more in the detective genre, but then she decided to branch out and work on different roles that are more in keeping with her character. You might say that her decision reflected her love of the human humor.

Vanessa’s most well known role might be that of Elle Macpherson in the movie «Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County». She plays a character that basically seduces men and women alike in an attempt to win the affections of the cool girl next door. This role was not expected to go into Spanish cinema so Vanessa earned brownie points from us for bringing this role to us. Not bad for someone who started out as an aspiring actress and later on ended up in Hollywood working with the biggest names in the industry.

In her movie «caracas» Vanessa poses with some rather large sized Caracas. These are the same kinds of brightly colored, inflated balls that Puerto Rican kids used to play with back in the old days. It’s funny to think about how far Latino culture has come since then and how things have only gotten better. It also makes you glad that Vanessa Senior is still living a life of sobriety and has made the best of her rare opportunities to showcase what a great actress she is.