The Book Club That Keeps You Reading

By Day of Danyan, Dany will be the new Queen of Spain. It is written by Maria Semovascular and was made into a motion picture directed by Denis Villeneuve. Dany has a younger sister called Melodie, who is very jealous of her mother’s position. The book centres on the beautiful princess who wishes to marry King Fernando and live in Spain but there are misunderstandings and she is forced to marry an archduke. As her marriage to the archduke threatens to mar her happiness, she vows to take her destiny into her own hands and live happily ever after.

Only Fans had a soft opening to it and you could tell straight away that the book was not going to be a hit. The storyline is extremely dull and is predictable. Maria Semovascular does a decent job of creating a plot for the book but the characters are flat and do not develop. There are some excellent one liners but overall, this book was not good. I personally would have saved my money for a different book.

A few months later, I finally got around to reading Onlyfans, and I was surprised at how I enjoyed the book. The story was picking up pace and the main characters were starting to develop. Things were getting more interesting, and the story focused on how love really works. There were a great moral and a moral dilemma that the reader has to tackle head-on. I grew to admire the way that Maria Semovascular wrote this book. The book did not take itself too seriously, but it was definitely an enjoyable read.

My next challenge was to get a copy of Danyancat: The Princess and the Pea, so that I could pass it on to my daughter to read with me. Being a book club member, I have full access to the books in my collection and I am excited to share Dany with my daughter. I will also pass along copies of other books to other members of my book club, so they can enjoy the fun of picking out their own Danyan books. (I have a couple in progress.)

The next challenge was to find a copy of Danyancat that was not a Danyan book club book. I had already picked up the first couple of chapters from an online site, but I found that I was missing some key parts of the story. I started reading the book again just to make sure I had not missed anything. When I finished reading the second book in the series, I felt a sense of fulfillment. This book was definitely more of a YA book than a fiction book, but after finishing it, I was very glad that I picked it up.

You can buy Danyan books at your local bookstore or you can sign up for your own personal copy of the series through the Danyan book club. Personally, I prefer to purchase my books at the local bookstore, because I can read them at my leisure, in the comforts of my home. However, if you are looking for a challenge, try a book club. If you like fantasy romance with a touch of the real world, then the Danyan series is definitely a keeper!