Laura Lux Esnuda’s Bestselling CD

Laura Lux Desnuda is one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. She has an aura of mystery and intrigue about her that makes you want to explore what she has to offer. Laura Lux Desnuda is a dancer from Chile who began performing in her early twenties. She began with the dance troupe in Chile and then spent five years performing in Spain, London, Paris, and New York. Laura Lux Desnuda is described as a yang en femme desnuda (woman born of fire).

Laura is described as having a sexy voice that is deep and raspy, giving off the vibe of sexiness and seduction. Laura Lux Desnuda’s music is sensual, feminine, and dreamy. Camsoda is a fusion of folk, traditional dance, pop, and contemporary pop music that she sings and performs with. Laura Lux Desnuda is very comfortable in both public and private areas and loves to make people feel relaxed and at ease with her. Her performances are usually high energy and show a great deal of sensuality, passion, and energy.

Laura Lux Desnuda has four DVDs of her most popular shows: Camsoda, Electric Yung Una Diosa, I Am X, and I am not Your Porn Star. Camsoda is her first ever CD, and it is worth every penny. It showcases Laura’s voice talent, as well as her excellent vocal technique. Camsoda is an excellent example of Laura’s sensuous and sexy del Mundo persona. This CD is worth its weight in gold.

I am X is another fantastic showcase of Laura’s sensual and sexy flair. This CD is also worth the cost, especially if you are a fan of yung una genre. I Am X is about life, love, and sex. It’s about how women should go about expressing their sensual natures so as not to be categorized as effeminate or too «soft.»

Laura’s other two CD’s Electric Yung Una Diosa and I Am X are definitely worth purchasing. The first CD is definitely worth its weight in gold, especially if you are a fan of the Laura Loo show on Sway TV. This CD includes bonus tracks from Laura’s other shows, and is sure to spice up your love life. I Am X is definitely a must have for all Yung Una fans, especially those ladies out there who are longing for the good old days when women didn’t date and marry just for the sake of having a boyfriend. If you’re one of the few ladies out there who still loves to have relationships outside marriage, then these CDs are definitely for you!

Laura Lux’s erotic sensuality has touched the hearts and minds of many listeners, both men and women. Her shows on Sway TV have become some of the most watched and viewed programs on air! Her popularity has allowed her to create other successful endeavors such as her own line of women’s perfume and even a book! No wonder why Laura Lux has been named one of the best female performers of all time by E! Magazine.