SoFiASEXhot – Hot Girl From Russia

Sofia is a new revolution in the strip club scene. If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you know Sofia is going to be the biggest, baddest club in town. It’s not just the parties that are awesome; it’s the girls as well. I’m talking about Sofia and all her amazing exotic dancers that will have you on the floor at the end of the night.

Sofia is the new icon of the strip club scene. She is from Barcelona and has been stripping in the best clubs in Europe for the last year. Sofia has also won the Camikini Supermodel Contest 3 times and is set to win again this year. If you like strip chat then you will love her. Join sofiasexhot now and watch as she takes you inside. Watch her show off some of her dance moves, get a first view of Sofia in HD and even see her perform some of her classic moves.

Camikini Supermodel Tuesday is presented by Sofia and is scheduled to run on Tuesdays at 8pm on tv. This is the newest show in the Camikini club scene and is hosted by Celebrity Dancers Sofia Farrugia and Jade Jagger. In this show, Sofia will strip to her baby doll lingerie and perform some of her classic moves. Jade Jagger will also come on to perform some amazing moves and will seduce the audience with her unique style. Join me in welcoming the newest member of the «C» Crew, Sofia Farrugia!

In the past three months Sofia has raised over one million dollars for a good cause, «The Eve’s Child Foundation». This foundation helps underprivileged kids in many countries with education. Sofia had donated her camgirls’ services to this worthy organization. Sofia’s good work has brought many fans from around the world. Now it’s time to reward her with her own show on Sushi Xiami, the hottest new channel on television!

For those of you who don’t know who Sofia is, she is a beautiful Russian model and famous underwear model from Russia. She has appeared in some Hot Girls Gone Adult magazines and has performed in some of Russia’s most popular dance shows. Her skills have caught the eye of American directors that are casting her in their very own amateur films. Sofia has gained a lot of popularity in the past three months alone from her appearance on the Hot Girls Gone Adult site.

This is just a small taste of Sofia’s popularity from her recent appearance on Sushi Xiami. I can guarantee her fans are dying to see what all the buzz is about. I would urge all girls and women watching the show to look for themselves on SushiXiami, because there is no doubt that Sofia has captured everyone’s attention with her stunning looks and sensuous performances. Her popularity will only grow in the coming 12 months, as her name and career become fixtures on Sushi.